Conditional Logging – ACME Packet

Since the release of 7.x there have been a number of new enhancements. One of the most useful new features is Advanced Logging. This is like getting debug output in a log file without having to enable full debug. By setting a condition (or set of conditions) the SBC will capture the interesting traffic to Read more about Conditional Logging – ACME Packet[…]

Acme Packet ACLI – Useful Commands to Know

Recently someone asked what some of the most useful commands are on the ACME Packet Session Director after performing a fresh install/configuration of an SD. The following was provided by one of the Acme Packet Systems Engineers in response to the inquiry. show sipd sessions all – Will display all of the active SIP sessions Read more about Acme Packet ACLI – Useful Commands to Know[…]

How to “grep” the ACME Packet SBC Configuration (ACLI)

The grep tool is a very popular Unix command line utility used to match a regular expression. Although “grep” doesn’t specifically exist on the Acme Packet SBC the find command serves a similar purpose. This feature was introduced in ACLI release 6.4. SD# find [configuration | running-config | command] [attribute] SD# find ? <string> find Read more about How to “grep” the ACME Packet SBC Configuration (ACLI)[…]