Security Implications for Your Unified Communications

Leveraging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology truly changes the way we think about communications these days. With SIP, unified communication (UC) applications become just another “data application” and without appropriate security measures in place, networks could be opened to bad actors exposing the business, technology, privacy and compliance to new attack threats. Unfortunately, ‘bad guys’ Read more about Security Implications for Your Unified Communications[…]

Understanding the Key Differences between ESBCs and Firewalls?

Are you looking to secure VoIP networks against security attacks without compromising call quality in the process? As customers migrate to IP PBXs and unified communications (UC) solutions, understanding the differences between enterprise session border controllers (E-SBCs) and firewalls is critical to avoiding the conflicts that can arise between the two. What are E-SBCs and Read more about Understanding the Key Differences between ESBCs and Firewalls?[…]

How Session Border Controllers help secure contact centers – and create efficiencies.

As contact centers continue to adopt IP-based communications of various sorts, including voice and other unified communications applications, it opens up organizations to a host of security threats that need to be addressed. To a would-be intruder, an IP-based contact center represents opportunity – a whole slew of IP-based ports through which they may gain Read more about How Session Border Controllers help secure contact centers – and create efficiencies.[…]

Designing Networks for Unified Communications

Many networks are designed for data traffic. Real-time traffic like voice and video add new requirements for network design, operation, and troubleshooting. Was your network designed for data traffic and then modified to handle UC&C traffic? If so, you’re not alone. Most networks are primarily designed for data. Support for real-time traffic like voice, video, Read more about Designing Networks for Unified Communications[…]

5 Steps To SIP Network Security

Last weekend I read this interesting article of Kevin Riley (Sonus’ Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer) about SIP security. ################################ With network-based attacks on the rise, enterprises need to rethink their unified communications security strategy. Toll fraud and data breaches cause billions of dollars in damages to businesses each year, and the losses Read more about 5 Steps To SIP Network Security[…]

What is load testing?

The development of a voice application ideally involves many testing steps. Unit, functional and integration tests give a developer a good degree of confidence about the application internals. But what about the platform as a whole? Telephony involves a larger number of moving parts compared to a web application, often requiring more server-side resources per Read more about What is load testing?[…]